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  • Women’s Conferences

  • Colleges/Universities

  • Corporations

The Pursuit of Powerful Relationships 

Talent, skills and serendipity alone won’t advance your career; a key driver to career acceleration is the ability to build authentic professional relationships. Shellé’s signature speech The Pursuit of Powerful Relationships aims to help women set time to start or strengthen their professional relationships. This discussion will captivate and galvanize women who:

  • Have shied away from networking and looking to make strong authentic connections

  • Have been feeling detached from colleagues or business associates looking to reinvigorate their methods to connect with their network

  •  Are looking to take the promotion of their personal brand to the next level

  •  Are tired of feeling overlooked and seeking more recognition

Shellé’s i3 Professional Relationship AccelerateHER provides women with influential, intentional, and impactful strategies in building professional relationships.

She will share secrets on:

  • How to uncover opportunities in their network

  • How to have the courage to speak up and create opportunities

  • How to expand their visibility

  • How to use their inner circle for support


Every attendee will have a uniquely tailored i3 Professional Relationship AccelerateHER Blueprint by the end of this speech that can be implemented immediately and has been shown to be pivotal for success.

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Pivoting Through Professional Obstacles in Your Best Heels 

This interactive signature discussion will help women improve their ability to influence colleagues and business partners. It will empower attendees to immerse themselves through intentional steps to magnify their influence starting now. Shellé’s three pillar strategy will resonate with women that are feeling professionally disconnected and to women that are seeking to increase their connectivity. Every attendee will have a complete and customized PausePivotPursuePlan by the end of the session that can be immediately implemented and is proven to accelerate career trajectories. Influence has a start date and that date is today.

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